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Shoulder Do's and Don'ts

Got shoulder problems?

We’ve got shoulder answers!

Have you ever had shoulder issues? I’d hazard a guess that you or one of your friends have. The good news is that many of these shoulder complaints have relatively predictable causes and there are lots of things that you can do to help.

Here are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t: sit with shoulders rolled forward. This will cause your pecs to tighten and result in an overall forward shift of your shoulder. From a functional perspective, this means you will have a decreased range of motion and increased chance of pain due to poor biomechanics.

Don’t: sleep with your arms over your head. Whether you sleep on your stomach, your side or your back, having your arms overhead means that all night you are jamming your shoulders. Jamming = pain!!

I promised easy fixes!

Here are a few, and remember, we’ve got tons more!*

Do: Shoulder drills! I know the name is kind of ominous but this shoulder drill works on coordination and strength at the same time!

Two birds with one stone if you didn’t catch that ;)

Do: TRX squat with arms in Y formation. This exercise forces you to engage and strengthen muscles in your upper back. These muscles help pull your shoulders down away from your ears and help to stretch and open up your chest.

Do: Stretch out your pec minor! It’s a tiny muscle but contributes to a lot of the forward rotation seen in poor posture and bad shoulder mechanics. Make sure you stretch out this little guy, I guarantee your shoulders will appreciate it!

One more tidbit! Many people think that yoga is just about flexibility but in all actuality, yoga is incredible at correcting posture and building strength in all the stabilizing muscles that will keep you doing all the active things that you love to do.

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