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The Uptown POWERSTATION - the inspirational story of how it came to be.

Niki Aron saved David Carr's life and the Uptown POWERSTATION was born.

Niki Aron, leading TRX trainer and owner of a fitness facility that was voted Best Speciality Fitness Club by Blog TO, located in the National Squash Academy, was looking for a new home.

David Carr, owner of McWIL Squash, a leading court construction company that built the National Squash Academy courts, was seriously overweight, unhealthy and unhappily reminded of the life of sport and fitness he had abandoned 20 years earlier.

Coming from completely different perspectives, the two future partners had no idea how much impact they were about to make on each other's lives. Many hours of business planning and number-crunching led to a shared vision of a balanced approach to fitness that would be both impactful and accessible.



Balance is the cornerstone of the Uptown POWERSTATION philosophy. The partners chose three specific fitness modalities based on principle that strength, flexibility and endurance lead to a well-rounded lifestyle. They chose indoor cycling to develop endurance and yoga to promote flexibility to complement Niki's TRX strength-training program. Time is our most valuable asset, and time passed has no value at all, so Niki and David methodically designed the POWERSTATION to optimize the time clients commit to their health and wellness. Not only do the three fundamental modalities lead to optimal fitness balance, the studio is also designed to provide opportunities for back-to-back classes.



Renovation started, and during the 18-hour days of hard labor, David became inspired by Niki's healthy eating habits and so began weeks of "I'll have what she's having." Seven weeks later, David was 30 pounds lighter, had cast off any sign of hypertension and was sleeping better than he had in decades. During the design and construction process, the partners found they shared a passion for sustainability that resulted in the inclusion of bamboo counter-tops, vegetable-based soaps and detergents, recycled-rubber flooring and a filtered-water station that complements the "no plastic bottles" mantra that Niki and David voice regularly. The POWERSTATION "charity" is Mother Earth. Niki says "We wanted to educate people about saving our planet," and David adds, "The most effective way to do that is to show them, not tell them."



Part of the partners' shared vision was fitness done right. Clients are enjoying the balanced HARD.CORE.FITNESS philosophy practiced in an inviting, well-designed and exceptionally clear and functional space. Located in the Yorkdale area at 3019 Dufferin Street - a landmark former Post Office building - the POWERSTATION occupies the entire lower level.

At the new POWERSTATION, the Cardio Theatre and TRX Studio are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All TRX and cycling participants wear heart-rate monitors during workouts to track performance, and they receive a post-workout email so they can review their progress. There are large screens showcasing leaderboards, and cyclists have the option to follow their personal stats or to ride competitively. "It's paramount that we offer not only the best instructor, but also complement them with the best equipment," explained David. "We are committed to creating the best customer experience so that our clients are inspired to achieve their fitness goals."



Outstanding facility aside, what makes the POWERSTATION a special place is the community vibe created by Niki and David. They are devoted to creating a place where clients can let go of the outside world and take time for themselves. There is no judgement, no hard sell, no pushy staff; just encouragement in a welcoming environment that is pleasing to both the eye and the psyche. Niki explains, "Our goal is to build a community of happy people who know how to play as hard as they work, and who understand that fun is an important part of a healthy lifestyle." David has his health and fitness back. He has lost almost 50 pounds because he listened to Niki and is a role model now at the POWERSTATION.


Niki often says, "Be inspired, be better than average, and work just a little bit harder." David took these words to heart, and ultimately, "She probably saved your life" were precisely the words his doctor used upon seeing the results.

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