Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

The Uptown POWERSTATION is located at 3019 Dufferin Street, behind the ARD Store on the lower level. Our entrance and parking lot are in the rear of the building, off of Claver Street.

How to book a class?

The best way to book a class is to use the Mindbody app.

You can also book directly from the website schedule.

How to register for my FREE FIRST CLASS?

Visit our website and click “FIRST CLASS FREE” on our home page. Create a profile with a username and a password. Add FIRST CLASS FREE to cart and select desired class.

What is your cancellation policy?

A reserved spot may be given to a waiting member 5 minutes prior to class start time if you are not present. Reservations may be cancelled online or via our POWERSTATION app or Mindbody app.

Please cancel three hours ahead of class time so waitlisted members can plan accordingly.

If you are using ClassPass you can only cancel the class using the ClassPass app. We have no access to ClassPass reservations to do it for you, nor can we change a reservation after the fact.

What if I am on a waitlist?

If the class is full, you will be waitlisted and will receive an email informing you of your status. If a spot frees up, you will be moved to the class, and you will be notified by email.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Make Your Someone Happy! Purchase a gift card for any occasion. Gift Card purchase can be done only in person.

Do you have a Referral Program?

It is always more fun to workout with a friend or partner. Bring a friend and get 10 POWERBUCK$ if your friend signs ups for the trial package. POWERBUCKS$ are same-as-cash for any POWERSTATION purchases.

Do I need to bring my water bottle?

Hydration is important throughout the class. We have three carbon-filtered water stations.

We have loaner bottles if you forgot yours and of course you can purchase one of our POWERSTATION hot/cold bottles!

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have 8 parking spots in our lot next to our entrance off Claver Street. During the months of October to May there are also four designated spaces just off Dufferin Street in the ARD parking lot, as well as the ARD lot is available before 10am and after 5pm. Street parking is available, with some time limitations on weekdays, and all day on weekends.

Do you offer showers and lockers?

We offer individual shower facilities that are stocked with bath towels, body wash, and conditioner. In addition, we offer hair elastics, wet wipes, tampons, and hair dryers.

There is a coat closet and also coat hooks in the Yoga hallway.

Do you have locker rooms?

We do not offer permanent or overnight lockers, but we have plenty of cubbies for you to store your gear during class.

We have shoe storage for those who prefer to leave a pair of indoor workout shoes during inclement weather.

(CYCLE) What bikes does the POWERSTATION use for cycle and spin classes?

We use top-of-the-line STAGES BIKES with crank-arm power meters and consoles that provide a range of metrics to follow your performance.

(CYCLE) What software does the POWERSTATION use for cycle and spin classes?

We use Performance IQ software to help riders track and motivate their progress.

(CYCLE) What kind of shoes do I need for cycle and spin classes?

Normal workout shoes work perfectly fine. If you prefer clip-in cycling shoes, our pedals use SPD clips.

(We do NOT provide cycle shoes)

(CYCLE) How can I reserve my favorite bike?

  • You can only select a particular bike using our website on laptop or desktop.
  • Sign up for cycle and spin classes and choose your bike!

(If you do not reserve your bike on our website, you can choose at class time)

If you are more than 5 minutes late for the class, you will be placed in the back row so as not to disturb riders who have already began to ride.

(CYCLE) What to wear?

Wear regular gym attire. Regular cyclists prefer to wear padded cycling shorts.

(CYCLE) Does the POWERSTATION have cycling shoe storage?

Yes, you can leave your shoes in a dedicated space in the cycling studio.

(TRX) What do I wear for TRX class?

Comfortable gym attire and proper workout shoes. During inclement weather bring a clean pair of shoes for class - or leave a pair in the shoe storage cubbies.

(YOGA) What if I forgot my mat?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We loan mats for $2.

(BOXING) What should I bring for boxing class?

You will need to use wraps to protect your hands inside the boxing gloves.

We do have wraps for sale for $6 or gel wraps for $21. You can also purchase them at most sporting goods stores. If you do not know how to use wraps, we recommend arriving 10 minutes before class to show you how. This is as to not disturb the class start time.

(BOXING) Does the POWERSTATION provide boxing gloves?

Yes, we provide loaner gloves. There are gloves for purchase as well, and of course you can bring your own.

(KETTLEBELLS) Do I need any special equipment for Kettlebell classes?

To protect your wrists, we recommend wrist protectors. We also sell them for $6.

(PERSONAL TRAINING) How do I book a Personal Training session?

Please visit our website and click “book now” and we will hook you up with a trainer. We have a special intro-to-Personal Training package - TWO sessions for $99

Do you extend memberships?

With prior notice, a class packs will be extended to reflect necessary scheduled absences. The POWERSTATION reserves the right to determine appropriate basis for an extension; typical reasons would be injury, out-of-town work absence, etc. *Absences based on personal choice such as vacations, illness isolation are NOT bases for extension.*





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