Will masks be required in the gym?

As we have been closely monitoring Public Health and government requirements, masks will be required at all times while inside the gym, EXCEPT while exercising. We have small plastic bags at the front desk to put your mask in while taking class, if you so desire. We would like members to provide their own masks, primarily to ensure that they have a mask with which they are comfortable, as we know there are many options. We will have some non-medical masks available at the front desk.

Will loaner mats be available?

It is advised that you bring your own yoga mat. However, loaner yoga mats will be available for a $2 fee. All loaner mats will be cleaned after each use. The mats used in TRX classes can be used. They should be left on the floor, and will be disinfected after each use.

Will loaner bottles be available?

No, loaner bottles will not be available. We ask that you bring your own bottle. We also have our own POWERSTATION waterbottles for sale. Filtered water will be available as always.

Are there any class changes?

We have created a re-opening schedule, with a modest number of classes to start. Class times are based on feedback and reflection of the fact that we are opening in August. Our intention is to be flexible and make adjustments - additional classes and/or time changes - based on real-life experience on a week-by-week basis. Members may only sign up for classes two weeks in advance.

What have you done to improve social distancing in classes?

We have reduced class sizes in order to allow proper distancing between members. Cycle classes are organized with a minimum of 2 metres between bikes. Classes in the TRX area have tape X-marks on the floor to indicate where members should stand and work out. Yoga classes have tape lines on the floor to indicate where you should place the front edge of your mat.

Will towels be available?

Yes, but shower towels will be distributed at the front desk in order that we can keep them covered until use. Hand towels in the bathrooms have been replaced with non-touch paper towel dispensers. Towels for use in class are kept in sealed containers and members can take them as they wish. In the bathrooms, we will continue to use paper towels.

Are there any new rules related to class attendance and arriving/departing the gym?

Yes. Members must be in class 10 minutes prior to start time of class and no one will be admitted after class starts. Pre-class sign up is REQUIRED for attendance - no walk-ins allowed. EVERYONE must check in at front desk and fill out a short 3-question survey. We have temperature sensors if you would like to check your temperature. We will disinfect cubbies regularly so storing your belongings during class will not be a problem. In order to facilitate cleaning, we will designate locations in each space for members to place any equipment they used during class. Contrary to our long-standing commitment to community and member interaction, we need initially to ask members to depart the club promptly after class. This will help us with cleaning and disinfecting and reduce risk of any germ or virus transmission.

What steps have you taken to minimize air-borne transmission?

We have increased the number of room fans, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and window exhaust to optimize air circulation and removal of air-borne particulates.

Will showers be available?

Yes. We have disinfectant spray for use on the shower walls, floors, etc. After a member uses a shower, we will lock the door until we can complete disinfecting for the next user.

What is your vaccination policy?

ALL staff are fully-vaccinated. In order to maintain the lowest risk environment to members, at present, we will only be welcoming fully-vaccinated members to work out. Due to vaccine uptake, conditions in Toronto are significantly improved, but we want to support Public Health and medical authorities in achieving the highest level of public safety.