In our TRX courses, you'll use your own body weight and gravity to attain a total body workout. You'll get a workout that is not only as vigorous as you want it to be but also can be infinitely adjusted to your personal goals. With a simple movement of your hands and feet, you can work at a series of different intensities. Our instructors guide you through a tough but fun session which will work everything from your glutes to your core.


This class is a fun, fast-paced, full-body workout that includes Tabata, cardio, conditioning, and weight training - all while using TRX straps and other equipment such as weights, Bosu balls, gliders and resistance bands.


Searching for the most effective way to Get Lean? Get Conditioned? Get Tough? Then look no further than our TRX + Conditioning class. We offer a repertoire of creative and innovative techniques that keep the class challenging while also using the many tools we have to offer at the POWERSTATION. This includes weighted sleds, TRX straps, slam balls, battle ropes and more. Repeated bouts of high-intensity effort followed by varied recovery times will help you achieve your goals in no time!


Mat Pilates is your go-to, full body, workout! Not only strengthen, but lengthen your body through various exercises. Work on bettering your posture, improving your flexibility, creating more efficient movements, and toning up your body!

We recommend that members bring their own yoga mat for comfort, but we do have mats located in the space. Socks or barefoot in the room ONLY!


Our yoga courses are a welcome bout of stretching and meditation in a world where most of us are already stretched pretty thin. Join us in our beautifully-adorned studio and center yourself in any of the yogic delineations we offer. Between the soft lights, masterful guidance, and warm atmosphere you'll have to fight to not find your calm.

Vinyasa Flow -

The Vinyasa courses are perfect if you’ve got some yoga experience under your belt but want to expand knowledge (and limbs!) as far as they can go. We offer both heated and non-heated courses for those who want to do the deep dive to tranquility.

Heated Vinyasa Flow -

Our Vinyasa course is geared toward establishing tranquility in one’s self. This is achieved through practicing deep-breathing exercises and meditative postures paired with gentle movement. Perfect for anyone at any level who wants to jump into a class and grab some zen. So come on in and feel the heat!

Restorative Yoga -

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. This is our motto for our restorative courses. In these classes we seek to renew and refresh you after a tiring day and let you go home feeling at least a little less tightly wound, and a little more at peace.

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned



These classes are designed for building endurance and strength, fully using the capabilities of the STAGES bikes and PIQ technology.  All CYCLE classes include a PTP test that establish the rider’s work threshold for THAT RIDE and promotes and allows every rider to challenge themselves for 60 minutes.  CYCLE 60 classes are great workouts for everyone but particularly good for those who enjoy outdoor riding as well.  CYCLE classes include hills, surges and flat riding, all designed to “Max the Watts"